Mint flavored snus

Wintergreen Flavoured Snus & Nicotine Pouches

While alcohol, fruit and candy flavours are forbidden in the manufacture of cigarettes in some parts of the world such as the US, smokeless tobacco, which falls under the category of flavoured tobacco products, is allowed. Numerous products have adopted wintergreen snus; a product said to act as an antiherbivore defence compound.

Snus is an American smokeless tobacco product that is usually in moist powder and often flavoured with products such as wintergreen. It is steam pasteurised, growing in popularity as the perfect alternative to smoking, dipping, chewing, e-smoking and vaping.


Wintergreen nicotine pouches use naturally derived nicotine crystals and are 100 percent tobacco-free. They have a wintry mint flavour that delivers a refreshing experience. Snus nicotine pouches are cheap and come with a varied range to satisfy every snuffer. It has been in existence since the 1800s and is available in two forms, including loose and portion snus. What are some of the most popular brands right now?

Most wintergreen snus brands were originally developed for the American market but can be enjoyed by everyone. It comes with a tobacco weight of 24g per can and 1g portions. General Wintergreen has a strong mint flavour, which is sweet, refreshing and balanced. It also has a mellow tobacco taste with hints of leather and a dry surface with moist content for lasting flavour release. The most common brands containing this flavour include ZYN, Wintergreen DRYFT and ON.

The pouches are derived from nicotine crystals and do not require refrigeration. They are discrete and smokeless and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Users only need to pick a fresh pouch, stash it under the upper lip against the gum without the need to chew. Each can be enjoyed for up to 20 minutes.

Understand that wintergreen nicotine pouches products do not contain tobacco, but have a nicotine extract, which creates a unique blend of fresh flavours and natural fibres. The chewing base offers an extra feel of softness under the lip.