Smokey flavored snusSnus

Tobacco flavored snus

With more people than ever enjoying the rich sensation and convenience of snus products, it’s only natural that tobacco portions would emerge as a popular option. While the full range of flavoured snus options has their appeal, tobacco snus is free of any condiments other than what is necessary to highlight that tobacco taste.

These flavour enhancers bring out the distinctive taste of the tobacco, enriching your experience, so if you just want that tobacco fix, tobacco nicotine pouches are the only satisfactory option.

How to Take Tobacco Snus

Taking snus is a straightforward process that, handily, doesn’t involve carrying matches or setting fire to anything. Simply grab one of the snus pouches by the corner using your thumb and index finger. Using your other hand, lift your top lip up and away from your gums a little. From there, you can slide the pouch into the space between your top lip and gums. Traditionally you would place the pouch either to the left or right of centre, but go with whatever feels comfortable for you.
You should soon begin to experience the familiar nicotine buzz that comes with any good tobacco product.

Are Tobacco Nicotine Pouches Suitable for Beginners?

Despite being unflavored, tobacco pouches can still come in a variety of different strengths. For people new to snus, a weaker strength pouch will likely be a better experience, but that does not rule out unflavoured snus.