Mint flavored snus

Spearmint Snus

One of the advantages of the snus—beyond almost certainly being less harmful to the user than smoking—is the ability to choose from a range of flavours. And when it comes to flavours, there are few as entrenched in our collective psyche as spearmint.

One of the earliest flavours to grace our palates, spearmint carries the familiar refreshing, crisp taste and pleasing mint smells that we have enjoyed in everything from chewing gum to scented candles and beyond.

What is Spearmint Snus?

Spearmint snus is a flavoured moist powder nicotine pouch that you place under your tongue to receive all the same sensations of tobacco products but without the smoke, harming your lungs and leaving unpleasant smells around you. Far from those nasty smells, spearmint nicotine pouches like this leave your breath smelling better than it did before! This snus finds a perfect balance between the sweet taste of spearmint and the strength of the tobacco, making for a surprisingly smooth experience. And with the long-established quality that has come to be expected of snus products, these spearmint nicotine pouches are guaranteed to satisfy.

Who is it For?

Spearmint is a good option for people who are new to snus. The mint flavour typically masks the taste of the tobacco (though not entirely), making it good beginner snus from both a taste and strength perspective. Of course, it is not limited to people new to snus. The refreshing spearmint flavour can appeal to anyone, and there is still enough of a bite to the tobacco to satisfy the more experienced snus user.

How do you Use Snus?

Using a snus nicotine pouch couldn’t be simpler. Pick up one of the pouches by the corner using your thumb and index finger. Using your other hand, lift your upper lip away from your gums and place the pouch there. Then enjoy your spearmint snus for as long as you like.