Snus Strength and How to Interpret it

Snus can either be a portion or loose. Portion snus is available in three sizes, which are mini, normal, and maxi. It comes in two types: loose snus and portion snus.

Loose snus is often made using tobacco that is grounded. Grounded tobacco is then split into three types, which are coarse, medium, and fine ground.

Portion snus is formed when a portion of loose snus is placed under the lip. Portion snus is, therefore, one that is packed in small pouches made from paper. There are three types of portion snus:

  • Original portion- This is the snus that is packed in pouches and is often moistened and features a dark colour.
  • White portion- These are not moistened during manufacturing, hence offer less drip. They, therefore, last longer and release more flavour.
  • All white portion- These comprise a blend of cellulose and fewer amounts of tobacco than the latter. They are whiter than usual and are completely dry.

Snus strength

The strength of snus depends on the amount of nicotine that is released from the product during usage. The strength is also influenced by the amount of saliva you produce when the snus is in your mouth. Other factors like flavour, format, nicotine, and the moisture content of a specific brand also affect the strength of the products. Another factor that affects the strength of snus is the PH of the finished snus. Varying brands use different amounts of nicotine when manufacturing the product, hence the difference in strengths.

How to Interpret the Snus Strength

  • Moisture content- Products with higher moisture levels will allow users to absorb more nicotine. Therefore, loose snus and original portion snus are stronger than the latter.
  • PH levels- Higher pH levels will mean that the nicotine levels are quite high, and that implies that the snus is stronger.

The level at which snus retains its flavour also signifies its strength. Storing snus in a refrigerator is an incredible way of retaining the flavour.