Smokey flavored snus

Smokey Snus

Snus, the smokeless tobacco pouches that are increasingly becoming a favourite the world over, offers a vast range of flavours and strengths to choose from. Despite one of the main selling points of snus being that it is a smokeless tobacco product, smokey snus is a prevalent flavour, but the name can be a little deceiving.

Smokey nicotine pouches offer a mild flavour with an enjoyable character. This flavour is a great snus for people who are new to the product, as it has a mellow feel on the palate and is not too overpowering for the uninitiated. For the more experienced snus user, however, smokey is a great flavour to add to your collection. Especially for those times when you want just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. Smokey snus is on the weaker end of the scale when it comes to strength.

What is Smokey Flavoured Snus?

Originally from Sweden, snus has become popular across the globe. Snus is a smokeless tobacco pouch that delivers all of the pleasure and sensation of any other tobacco product, without the unwanted side effects, such as unpleasant aromas and smoke inhalation. Smokey flavoured snus is light and aromatic and carries with it hints of juniper. Though different strengths are available, smokey flavoured tends to be on the milder side.


The “smokey” flavour can be a little misleading, given that snus is a smokeless tobacco alternative. That is still the case here; smokey is merely a flavour. When creating smokey nicotine pouches, it is important to be subtle with the strength of the smokey character. Too much much, and it can easily dominate the overall taste. Finding the right balance is what differentiates average smokey snus from a great one. This flavour should also not be confused with some brands of snus, which have “smokey” in the name.


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