Licorice flavored snus

Salmiak flavoured snus and nicotine pouches

Salmiak snus has a distinct salty liquorice flavour. Some brands have a fruity flavour as well. On the other hand, salmiak nicotine pouches also have a similar taste and are 100% nicotine-free.

Brands that sell salmiak flavoured snus


LD Salmiak White Portion snus is one of the top brands of Salmiak flavoured snus in the market. It is a Swedish brand known for its quality and cost-efficiency. It has a fruity salmiak flavour and an average nicotine content. The brand is known for its high-quality products.


The Kaliber Vit Salmiak has a dark tobacco taste with a distinct note of salty liquorice root. It also has dried figs. Its moist content allows for low salivation hence giving it a long-lasting release of flavour. This is a normal strength snus made from high-quality ingredients, and it is also budget-friendly.


Jakobsson’s special salmiak is limited edition snus. It has a strong flavour of salmiak combined with salty liquorice without added sweetness. The nicotine content in this type of snus is strong with 14mg/g, and it comes in the form of original portions. It is also moistened on the surface. The moisture allows for a powerful release of both flavour and strength. This brand is also cost-efficient.

Kapten Extra Stark

Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak snus is also a popular brand that combines liquorice and ammonium chloride in strong yet salty liquorice. This brand of snus is a strong but not overwhelming strength-wise.

Brands that sell salmiak flavoured nicotine pouches


ZYN is known for manufacturing different flavours of nicotine pouches, including salmiak. These are some of the most popular nicotine pouches in the market. They have no tobacco content, but they have a salty taste of salmiak


Snubie salmiak flavoured nicotine pouches are also popular. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they are budget-friendly and high-quality. They also have a distinct fruity salmiak and salty liquorice flavour.


Both salmiak nicotine pouches and snus have a similar taste. However, the brands that offer these products work hard at making their products stand out.