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Raspberry Licorice-Flavoured Snus & Nicotine Pouches

Get a feel of nicotine satisfaction with a raspberry licorice snus flavour. Raspberry delivers a refreshing burst of tones of tobacco in a discreet and smokeless pouch with hints of licorice. This snus comes with a dry surface and moist content for more purity and a more extended release of flavour.

Your Top Pick

If you have been a fan of the Swedish Match Small Batch No.4 or are looking for snus that delivers exciting fruity flavours, raspberry could be what you need. The XRange Catch slim white raspberry licorice is a popular brand in Sweden and the US. It has a light tobacco character, delivering tasty licorice topped with hints of anise. Its nicotine content is high, making the perfect choice for people who prefer medium to strong snus that allows theflavour to stand out.

It comes with discrete slim portions that offer a low drip experience. The compact white format has low amounts of drip that allow the puffer to enjoy the release and the stimulating effects of nicotine. Raspberry licorice snus has a mellow tobacco taste coupled with distinct tones of raspberry, aniseed and licorice. It comes with a narrow and long pouch.


The portions are slim and feel comfortable under the lip, with the raspberry tones coming out strong but naturally. In the background, you will notice licorice and tobacco, a flavour that lasts for about an hour. Raspberry licorice nicotine pouches have a big prill with a tangible tobacco flavour. The light tobacco character has definite elements of raspberry, some anise and licorice.

This product gives a satisfying release, with the delicious flavour lasting long due to the dry surfaces necessary for minimising the drip. The long narrow snus has an optimised fit. Combine this with the Raspberry licorice nicotine pouches slim size and you end up with snus packed with tones of comfortable and discrete flavours to savour anywhere, anytime.