Mint flavored snus

Menthol Flavored Nicotine Pouches

One of the reasons why snus is increasingly becoming popular is the varied flavors that you can buy it in. As an orally consumed product, taste and flavor become more important than in smokable tobacco products. Nicotine pouches are a variant of snus that doesn’t contain tobacco – as such, they are usually white in color.

Menthol vs. Mint: Are they the same flavor?

There is some confusion regarding the difference between menthol and mint flavors. This confusion is compounded when you consider that they are both extracted from the same plant – the mint plant. Mint is the flavor that is extracted from mint plants, and it is quite popular in snus and other non-smokable, orally consumed tobacco products.

Menthol is technically not a flavor as it is both tasteless and odorless. What it offers is a cooling sensation. This is why it is also quite popular with smokable tobacco products and vapes. The fact that menthol is odorless means that it can be combined with other flavors without affecting the original flavor profile. That’s the reason why it is usually present in many ‘combined’ flavor snus and nicotine pouches.

Popular Menthols Snus and Nicotine Pouch Brands

Popular menthol snus and menthol nicotine pouches include:

  • Oden’s menthol extreme white portion dry

Ogden’s menthol extreme is a high nicotine snus product. With menthol being the only flavoring ingredient, the dominant taste is the tobacco. It is quite popular with people who have used smokable menthol flavored products.

  • Zerostyle Black Menthol

Zerostyle has milder menthol snus portions in comparison to Ogden’s menthol extreme. The mildness is in terms of nicotine content and the menthol flavor. With menthol being a tasteless compound, the tobacco is the dominant taste with the cooling menthol effect being quite distinct.

  • Zyn Deep Freeze Nicotine Pouches

This is one of the best selling tobacco free menthol nicotine pouches. It comes in slim potions. It has a combined eucalyptus and menthol flavor. The nicotine content is quite high but the pouch is comfortable on your lip.