Fruit flavored snus

Melon Snus and Melon Nicotine Pouches

Snus infused with melon is a completely smokeless experience that can be enjoyed simply by placing the snus powder onto the upper lip. Melon nicotine pouches also offer a very pleasant experience that is completely smoke free. Both are made without tobacco and instead contain nicotine and extracted cellulose from the tobacco plant. These products are then infused to incorporate a particular flavouring, in this case of melon. Nicotine pouches can be chewed in a similar manner to loose leaf tobacco. Users will usually choose to swallow the snus byproduct rather than the traditional means of spitting it out, so choosing a flavour you enjoy is particularly important.


These types of snus and nicotine pouches are available from a variety of brands. Swedish brand Jakobsson are a popular brand when it comes to melon snus, along with KILLA melon. For nicotine melon pouches, brands such as LYFT and NIXS are proving to be particularly popular.


Melon snus brings a strong, sweet taste that is also refreshing. Melon nicotine pouches also offer this same great tropical taste. It is best for those who enjoy an intense and fruity flavour when it comes to enjoying their smoke free nicotine products.

Nicotine Strength

When it comes to nicotine strength, this flavour of snus comes in a variety of concentrations, from as little as 8 mg/g to 14 mg/g. If you choose to purchase nicotine pouches instead of snus, the concentration of nicotine is higher, usually around 24 mg/g.


Both melon flavoured products are available to purchase directly from their most popular brands, for example the Jakobsson or LYFT websites. Buying online is very straightforward and these companies ship to a wide variety of countries.