Fruit flavored snus

Lingonberry flavoured snus and nicotine pouches

What do lingonberry snus and lingonberry nicotine pouches taste like?

Lingonberry is a type of plant with bright red berries and very profound leaves. It is a member of the berries species whose fruits and leaves are used for their medicinal value. The berries contain a lot of sugar which is overshadowed by the sourness that they possess. When eaten raw, they are not pleasant at all. However, when taken as a meal or added to other products like snus and nicotine pouches as ingredients, they are quite good. Lingonberry flavoured snus has a very pleasant fresh taste. Lingonberry nicotine pouches have almost the same taste as lime.

Nicotine pouches

  • Velo – This is one of the most popular brands of tobacco-free products. Velo tobacco-free nicotine pouches are available in a variety of tastes and flavours. Velo nicotine pouches are fresh, convenient and very discrete.
  • Pose – Nicotine pouches by this brand are completely tobacco-free, and they come with a chewing gum base.


  • Odens- Odens snus are perfect for users because they have low levels of nicotine. Odens snus are available in a variety of brands including lingonberry snus. They are also popular because they are cost-efficient and readily available.
  • Thunder- Thunder snus are cheaper compared to other brands. They are also available in a variety of tastes and flavours. The brand is one of the most popular because of its quality.


Lingonberry snus and nicotine pouches are very unique because of their taste. They are therefore not manufactured by most brands. However, with impeccable research, you are bound to find your product of choice.