Licorice flavored snus

Licorice Snus & Licorice Nicotine Pouches

Snus is a tobacco variant which developed in 18th-century Sweden. It’s placed under the upper lip. Some experts think it’s more benign than smoking and less harmful to health. Many have switched to snus from tobacco, to enjoy tobacco in a less harmful way. The world has now discovered what Sweden has enjoyed for two centuries. Snus comes in two basic product types – loose snus and in snus in portions or pouches. Snus variants include original snus and white snus. Snus pouches can be enjoyed with various different flavors. The nicotine release, a sure burst of pleasure, along with one of your favorite flavors is one of life’s great pleasures.

Licorice Snus

Licorice is a very popular flavor with snus lovers. It’s an acquired taste, one which many people grow to like over time. It’s strong, not exactly sweet and not exactly bitter. But it can be quite a habit-forming taste, just as tobacco can. Could this be the reason for its popularity? As some people would say, ‘it grows on you.’ Combine this taste with the taste of good tobacco and you have a winner on your hands. A taste that will give pleasure time after time. Licorice snus brands include Catch and Offroad. Catch licorice snus portions come in different sizes for the user’s convenience. Some people won’t even know the user is taking snus.

Licorice Nicotine Pouches

In the 1970s there was a distinct demand for a product like packaged snus. Some purists still loved to make their own dose of snus by hand, but ready-packaged snus was the need of the time. These packaged portions come in several sizes – large (containing approximately 1 gram), slim (containing 0.8 grams), super-slim (containing 0.5 grams) and mini (containing 0.3 grams). Licorice nicotine pouches are available for your pleasure.