Fruit flavored snus

Fruit flavored snus

The alternative to tobacco, particularly appreciated by those trying to quit smoking, is fruit flavored snus. The nicotine is still there, in lower proportions, and the pleasing fresh-sweet taste of fruit delivers a relaxing sensation similar to smoking a cigarette but without all those other harmful chemicals.

Fruit flavored snus

Contrasting with the smokey leathery heaviness of traditional tobacco, snus is fresh and sunny and comes in different flavors with a prevalence of rich fruity aromas. The basic snus product is plain and natural and blends perfectly with other aromatic ingredients. Fruit flavors are the most appreciated, and there are several fruity tastes to choose from including lemon, lime, melon, strawberry, cherry and many more.

How to use snus

It is easy to use: place a small amount in the mouth in the upper lip (or lower if you prefer); it gently releases its flavored nicotine content, giving all the satisfaction of a cigarette. Snus is a product that blends harmoniously with the sweet, tangy, zesty taste of fruit, and fruit snus creates a fresh fruity feeling in the mouth that stays with you.

Fruit nicotine pouches

An attractive alternative to fruit snus is the use of fruit nicotine pouches. These practical pouches contain chew-base filler, natural fibres and nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Fruit nicotine pouches contain no tobacco, whereas fruit snus has a tobacco base. What they have in common is a bold fruitiness which leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth.