Fruit flavored snus

Best Cloudberry flavoured snus and nicotine pouches

Snus is a type of smokeless tobacco that is designed to give pleasure without causing harmful effects to your health. In countries like Norway and Sweden alongside others in the UK snus are used in the place of conventional cigarettes. On the other hand, nicotine pouches are almost similar to a regular pouch with the exception that it carries pipe tobacco.

The taste of cloudberry flavoured suns and nicotine pouches

Cloudberries are orange-yellow coloured edible fruits from a creeping plant known as Robus chamaemorus. The fruit is closely related to raspberries and blackberries and is acquired from the Northern regions. Cloudberry snus have a unique flavour. They have a sweet yet bitter taste with a tart. Cloudberry nicotine pouches have the same taste.

Benefits of suns and nicotine pouches

  • Using cloudberry snus or cloudberry nicotine pouches is more convenient because you do not have to worry about disturbing other people with your spitting.
  • Using these products also keeps people around you from getting irritated with the constant blowing of smoke.
  • They offer the same pleasure of smoking tobacco with the added benefit that they do not cause a lot of damage to your health because they are smokeless.

Popular Brands of Nicotine Pouches


It is one of the most popular brands of nicotine pouches. Products by this brand are made from nicotine salt and other food-grade ingredients. The nicotine pouches do not produce any smoke or have a lingering smell.


Rogue nicotine pouches are very discrete, spit-free and are 100% free from tobacco lead. They are also cost-efficient.

Popular Brands of Snus

General Snus

It is a product of the Swedish Match Company, the largest and most experienced tobacco products manufacturing company. Snus by this brand are reasonably priced and available in a variety of flavours and tastes.


Siberia snus is very popular because of its quality and fresh feel. They also do not run out of taste for a long time.


The brands mentioned above are some of the most popular. However, several other brands offer incredible snus and nicotine pouches of different flavours.